Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids are on VACATION!

Chris met his mom and dad in Hudson, WI last night to hand off the girls.  Alison and Maddie will stay in Eau Claire until we leave on Friday.  Calvin was dropped off at his great-aunt Connie's house.  Calvin has a valleyfair trip planned for Thursday, so he couldn't go too far away. 

Amongst all the laundry and packing, we made a last minute decision to remodel the laundry, main floor bathroom, mudroom from the garage area.  Chris has ripped up the floor/tile, we picked out the new tile, and we have a guy that is going to lay it for us while we are gone.  We took out the closet, so the mudroom area is one big space.  We are going to have canned lighting put in the ceiling, a bathroom fan put in the bathroom, and a new shower fixture installed.  I can't wait to set the end result. 

I am waiting for my ride to work today.  I am leaving for Chicago this morning.  My friend Maggie offered to pick me up, so I didn't have to leave my car at work for 2 weeks.  Thanks, Maggie!  I will try to get some pictures of the remodel and post later.  I will give you little updates on my trip to Chicago.

That is all for now.

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