Friday, August 6, 2010

On our way to VIRGINIA!

We are planning to leave at 8:30am this morning.  Paula and Wes are looking at the atlas to verify our route.  It is an interesting process because you have to turn from page to page when you cross state borders.  I told them we can rely on the GPS unit to take us to our destination.  She insisted on having our route mapped, just in case.  Paula is a little nervous about having to drive the truck.  Chris and I plan to pair up with one of his parents, so we will have one of us either driving or navigating.  We might get lost if we have 2 seniors driving and navigating :)  Wes, as usual, has his bags packed and waiting outside on the driveway.  Chris is about 1 hour away (he had to work last night and pick up Calvin at Connie's house).  I suppose I will cut him some slack and drive the first leg of the trip.

Last night I arrived in Eau Claire at 10:30pm.  We drove here from Chicago.  Actually, the trip went pretty fast.  We stopped in Wisconsin Dells to eat at Buffalo Phil's.  This was a funny place because they bring your food to you by train.  We sat at the bar because the restaurant was so busy. 

We found out from other seminar goers that all of the flights out of Chicago were cancelled and they had to arrange for a new flight to fly out after 9pm.  Obama was visiting Chicago, so all air traffic was ceased.  We were pretty happy to be driving home instead of rearranging our flight schedule.  Who could have predicted that was going to happen.

I don't know how much I will be able to update this during our drive, but we plan on stopping somewhere tonight, so I will try to give you an update then.


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