Saturday, August 14, 2010

David and Xiang's house in Newport News, Virginia

Here are some pictures that I have been meaning to post of David and Xiang's House in Newport News.  It is actually a townhouse or condo (I don't really know the difference).  I also posted pictures of the community center and pool that they have for the residents there.  Currently, there are only 3 four-plexes built in his area, with more to come (once they get sold, I assume).  I really could get used to having a pool around.  It was nice when we got back there to have the kids jump in the water a swim for an hour each night.  The pictures include the master bedroom and master bathroom, the guest bedroom is also big and has a bathroom attached to it.  On the second floor is the living room, kitchen, and computer office area.  The lower level is where the garage comes in and the front door exists and that has an open area that David plans to put up a train display (currently, he has 100 totes storing all of his trains, each tote has an index taped to the cover which details the inventory inside the tote, see the last photo posted in this post).  The lower level also has a bathroom.  I know many of you may not have a chance to get out and visit he and Xiang, so I thought I would post some pictures, so you kind of get an idea what his place looks like.  It is very nice, very big (high ceilings), and lots of stairs.

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